Magtech 9mm Luger Ammunition 50 Rounds 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket 1135fps


Magtech ammunition is excellent high-quality range ammunition which is ideal for target shooting, training, and plinking. This particular load features a full metal jacket projectile which is very accurate and feeds reliably in a variety of firearms. Each cartridge is assembled using the highest quality components, strict loading tolerances, and rigorous quality control to produce consistent velocity and excellent accuracy. Magtech uses factory brass cases, clean burning propellants, and non-corrosive primers. Magtech ammunition is economical so your range trips and practice time will give you more bang for your buck, literally!

Magtech Ammunition 9A
9mm Luger
115 Grain Full Metal Jacket
Brass Cased
Boxer Primed
Test Barrel Length 4″
Muzzle velocity: 1135 fps.
Muzzle energy: 329 ft/lbs.
Uses: Target Shooting, Training, and Plinking

50 rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 10 boxes.

Ammo Price is per box.

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