Kahr P380 in .380 acp calibre


Kahr P380 in .380 acp calibre for sale. Kahr P380. You are bidding on an immaculate Kahr P380 in .380 acp calibre. We purchased this pistol from the original owner whom we’ve known personally for the past 20+ yrs. Although fired a few times, this pistol is, for all practical purposes, like new. Pistol features 2.50″ barrel, black polymer frame, matte stainless steel slide, (4) 6 shot magazines, night sights [Trijicon], factory hard case and all factory papers/manual. If you’re looking for a high quality personal carry pistol, this is a great gun @ a great price.
nIMPORTANT PURCHASING INFORMATION. DO NOT DISREGARD! AS OF JULY 1st, 2008, WE NO LONGER SHIP TO CA. We will only accept the following payment methods. USPS Money Orders or Certified Funds.
nKahr P380 in .380 acp calibre for sale.We offer the customary 3 day inspection period unless otherwise specified. All items returned to us must be returned in the same, unaltered condition in which they were sent to the buyer. The returnee bears the total cost of return shipping including insurance equal to the amount of purchase.
nNOTICE! It’s the buyers responsibility to know the laws RE: Firearms and related items in the area in which the purchaser resides. , nor it’s employees or Board Members, etc., are responsible for shipping you an item that you purchased that is unlawful for you to have. If you purchase an item that is restricted by law in your area, it does not absolve you from fulfilling your financial obligation on your winning bid/buy now purchase. It behooves you to: Read the laws, know the laws, live the laws. Kahr P380 in .380 acp calibre for sale.
nThank you very much.

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